Iron Fist

I would not be going out on a limb to say that fans were disappointed with Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ Season 1, and it seems Marvel and Netflix are well aware of that fact. Luckily, they seem to have taken their lumps from that season and adjusted well, and Season 2 looks to be a lot better from the clips and trailers released so far, and the cast and crew seem very excited to show the new season to the world.

With a new showrunner and a new dedication to the martial arts that should define the main character, the show seems to be back on track, especially with a notorious new villain added to the main cast, Typhoid Mary, played by fan-favorite Alice Eve. While speaking to Entertainment Weekly recently, Eve explained:

“I can reveal she has multiple personalities and that she’s very, very violent. I learned very, very hard how to fight like Typhoid Mary and that, for me, was the take away…which I loved…Reading comics, I fell in love with her. She’s completely psychotic and brilliant.”

New ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 showrunner Raven Metzner claims fans will be very happy with what they are doing with the character:

“I think if fans of the comics will look closely, there are moments that are sort of homages to different appearances of Typhoid Mary in the comics.”

And of course, the addition of Typhoid Mary and a new showrunner are not all that fans have to look forward to in ‘Iron Fist’ season 2, as Finn Jones has been actively promoting the fact that the stars did most of their own action scenes and stunt work this time around, coyly assuring fans things are not the same as season one where it was clear he was not up to the task. In Jones’ words:

“The majority of fights this season, if not all of them, are performed by all of the actors in the show this season and the doubles were used pretty minimally. It was awesome, I had such a great time working with Clayton [Barber] and his crew this year. I kind of miss it to be honest. I think fans will be really excited to see how the fight scenes come out because from what you saw last night, they’re awesome.”

After having seen a lot of the new footage myself at SDCC a few weeks ago, the new season does look a lot better, the fight scenes especially, and Eve looks like she is really going to shine as Typhoid Mary. I cannot wait for this season to drop on Netflix on September 7th, make sure to check back here that weekend for my reviews!