Taco Bell Demolition Man Experience

While at San Diego Comic-Con this year, I, along with a handful of friends, were lucky enough to score an invitation to the ‘Taco Bell: Demolition Man’ experience, which truly, was one of the highlights of our Friday at Comic-Con this year. The whole event was a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of ‘Demolition Man’ AND the return of Nacho Fries to Taco Bell, and what better way to celebrate than to treat Comic-Con attendees to a fine dining experiencing similar to the one in the movie?

We walked into a futuristic restaurant with black and white gloved servers calling us “citizens,” and a room adorned with costumes and memorabilia from the movie. There were robots cruising the floor (who apparently only answered to female voices), and (my favorite part), a grand piano whose player was playing and singing all the best commercial jingles, as in the movie the music of the future is solely those jingles. He treated us to the old Folgers song (“The Best Part of Waking up…”), Armour Hot Dogs, Oscar Meyer (“My bologna has a first name…), Kit Kat, etc, though even he admitted he only knew so many songs as commercial jingles are somewhat harder to memorize than a standard song. Then, of course, there was the food, which I’ll list out below:

Basically, this course was 6 tortilla chips with various toppings (all with sour-cream) and a cheese-ball, which looked intriguing, but since I hate sour cream, not one of my favorites.

In a nutshell, just a regular Taco Bell Crunchwrap supreme served open faced on a nice platter.

As you would expect, the main course was the nacho fries, which came well-seasoned and with a nacho cheese dipping sauce.

Basically the cinnamon twists that Taco Bell serves, with a frosting dip at the bottom that was very tasty.

All in all, with the food, the atmosphere, the fun theme, the drinks also made and named in the ‘Demolition Man’ motif, the event was a highlight of the trip, and I was very impressed with what Taco Bell managed to put together. Make sure to check out all of my pictures from the experience below! And before you ask in the comments, no one in my group used the restroom while we were there for fear of seashells!