While we know they already have three planned ‘Star Wars’ spin-off films, a new rumor has a fourth based around Obi-wan Kenobi! I probably shouldn’t say that the rumor is new as one had popped up in 2013 about this happening. Only, when the spin-offs were announced and Kenobi wasn’t mentioned there wasn’t much hope that it would ever see the light of day. Unlike the original rumor, this one doesn’t include any mention of his spirit making a cameo in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII.’

So if this rumor proves to be true ,the mentor to both Luke Skywalker and his infamous father Darth Vader before him, Obi-wan Kenobi, looks to be getting his own movie! Now, before I get too far ahead of myself it is from an unnamed source that this is even happening so I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Kenobi comeback quite yet. Those unnamed sources aren’t always the most reliable of folks.

The rumor comes from an apparent recent surge in Obi-wan Kenobi fans wanting a movie. Enough fans where the studio sat up and took notice. However this unnamed source also says that the studio has been trying to not do any Jedi or Sith solo films, but Kenobi was just too popular to ignore.

How popular is he exactly? Well ‘StarWars.com‘ recently ran a poll to determine the most popular ‘Star Wars’ character and Kenobi cleary took down Vader, Solo, R2-D2, Yoda, and Qui-Gon Jinn. He clearly has a following among fans of the Force.

What do you think about this rumor of Kenobi getting his own solo film? Do you think this is just rumor with six movies already in production? Do you think it will make for a return of Ewan McGregor to the ‘Star Wars’ universe or will we have a third actor putting a take on this iconic character?

Source: Making Star Wars