Before her death earlier this year, Ursula K. Le Guin was working on adapting her novel ‘The Telling’  to the big screen. With how important novels and movies are to culture these days, it is enjoyable that this fictional world where culture itself is illegal is being produced in another medium. Bayview Films has tapped Leena Pendharkar (’20 Weeks’) to both write and direct the upcoming film. Not only that, but genre actress Rekha Sharma (‘Star Trek: Discovery’,’Battlestar Galactica’) is set to star in the leading role!

The book takes place in Le Guin’s Hainish Cycle universe. In it, we follow Sutty Dass who travels to Aka from Earth to study the planet. Only on Aka, both culture and beliefs have been outlawed. Here she will encounter a resistance which is trying to continue their traditions and fight against this new society.

According to Pendharkar on bringing this work to life:

“I’m honored to bring the work of one of science fiction’s most esteemed writers to the screen especially in these times when strong female voices are needed. The Telling is a humanistic science fiction film about a woman trying to find her way in a culture overrun by technology.”

Bayview Film founder Rizwan Virk also chimed in as to being able to work on the film:

“I’ve been a fan of Ursula K. Le Guin’s science fiction and fantasy for many years. Our team had been working on the script for The Telling with her over the past few years, and we were extremely saddened to hear of her recent passing.”

At this time a 2019 release is in their sights as they hope to film later this year. There is no word as to what kind of distribution it may have at this time.

Are you looking forward to having a chance to watch ‘The Telling’ what it is released next year? Do you hope this could lead to any other of Ursula K. Le Guin’s works making their way to the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: io9