DiabloBlizzard Entertainment is most known for ‘Warcraft‘ but one of their other hit properties, ‘Diablo’ is getting a new comic adaptation! The company has teamed up with Titan Comics who are known for their tie-in books and novels to develop “an all-new series set in the Diablo Universe.”

We know that this new title is set to be penned by the incredibly talented Marv Wolfman (‘Blade,’ ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’) and illustrated by Piotr Kowalski (‘Wolfenstein’). There isn’t an exact date yet scheduled at this point, but the four-part miniseries that will launch this new corporate team-up is set to drop later in 2018. While we have the two sketches in this post to share with you, Titan Comics has yet to release any of the finalized artwork or covers. I suspect that fantasy fans will be in for a real treat with Kowalski’s previous work. Not only that, but these sketches hint that we’ll have some epic battles in store for us.

Which, shouldn’t be surprising considering the source material.

This new ‘Diablo’ series “will follow a group of zealous scholars and crusaders as they travel through Sanctuary (a world full of magic, monsters, demons, and more) to discover the true origins of humanity. Will their faith survive these shocking revelations?”

It isn’t clear how close to the video games this will follow but as it is billed as just being set in the world of Diablo we probably won’t see any events from the game illustrated here. However, I wouldn’t put it past them to reference things which have happened in the games.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Diablo’ when it is released later this year? Do you think a dark fantasy comic will bring in a wide audience of readers? What era of the Diablo games do you hope this takes place during? Share your thoughts below!