Ever since the “Darkseid War” everyone was wondering how there could be 3 Jokers in the world of DC Comics. For those unfamiliar with the story arc, Batman briefly gained control of Metron’s chair during the events which turned him into a god. He could have learned to know anything but the single question that escaped his lips was who the Joker is?

The answer isn’t what anyone expected. First off, it was a cliffhanger which wouldn’t give us an answer until John’s ‘DC Universe: Rebirth’ one-shot. Instead of getting a name of a character, the chair informed Batman that there were 3 Jokers out there. Now, Geoff Johns gets to tell us exactly what this means.

This event took place in 2016. It has been two years since the events rolled out and with Johns taking over as one of the execs at DC Films the comic wasn’t written, and the concept wasn’t touched.

Finally, that is all going to change. In DC’s “Black Label” which is their higher level miniseries collection, Johns is teamed up with artist Jason Fabok to bring us ‘Three Jokers.’ We’re expecting that this mini-series is set to run at 46-page issues and it won’t take a look at other dimensions or alternate Earths or “whatever.”

This means that the Three Jokers are all running around in the main continuity of ‘Batman’ unless it is trying to hint that the Clown Prince of Crime has multiple personality disorder. As to how close these Jokers are to one another there is a scene that Johns describes that may give a clue:

“There’s this really fun scene where Joker drives this truck. He goes to the woods, and there’s a cabin with a light on and he knocks on the door and there’s a Joker standing there wearing a Hawaiian shirt. And Joker says, ‘That’s my shirt.'”

Trying to find out everything about these three Jokers will have Batman needing to not work alone and both Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd will be at his side to investigate.

Nothing will ever be the same when this book comes to a close and the way Batman and Joker interact with one another will change from here on out. Johns has been wanting to do this for quite some time and shares that “If I could tell one Joker story, this is the one I would tell.”

The concept has had fans guessing at what it means to have three Jokers running around and now we might finally learn the truth behind it.

Do you think that there are actually three Jokers or will this all be in the Clown Prince of Crime’s head? How do you feel this will be explained as the book moves forward that they’ve never been seen together before this? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant