'Young Justice: Outsiders

While most are cautiously optimistic about DC Universe’s ‘Titans’, there’s no reason to be concerned with the return of ‘Young Justice’, the beloved animated series that was cancelled before its time and is being revived on Warner Brothers’ new streaming service.  Entitled ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ the show picks up an undisclosed amount of time after the second season.  (The second season kicked off five years after the first ended.)

DC Universe unveiled a trailer for the new season at SDCC.  It begins with a recap of Season Two, subtitled ‘Invasion’ which climaxed with the apparent death of Wally West/Kid Flash.  (More on that after the clip.)  Then things kick into high gear.  It seems that The Team disbanded after Wally died, but a new metahuman trafficking threat pulls them out of early retirement.  Considering that ‘Young Justice’ is basically just an alternate name for the ‘Teen Titans’, fans of that brand should be intrigued to discover who one of the first abductees is.

As evidenced by its name, ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ will see the formation of a new team.  In the clip, we see the evolution of Prince Brion of Markovia as his metagene is unlocked and he takes on the mantle of Geo-Force.  Though we don’t see what draws them together, the clip features brief glimpses of his teammates Metamorpho, Katana and the mystery woman from the previously released artwork, who I thought might be Solstice, since she appears to be a Muslim in a hijab, but the fact that her energy signature and costume change colors indicate that she is in fact Halo.  Justice League member Black Lightning is heavily featured, due to the fact that in the comics he was a member of the Outsiders long before joining the Justice League.

You’ll also see some other returning favorites, plus new additions, both heroes and villains, plus a new race of insectoid aliens.  Those have been bad news in the past, but these look to be allies.  And as teased by last season’s cliffhanger ending, watch for guest appearances from the New Gods and the return of the Forever People.


‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ will be available to stream exclusively on DC Universe in early 2019.

Source: Entertainment Weekly