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If you’re a fan of Microsoft’s ‘Halo’ video game franchise or a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, you’re in for a real treat in the coming months! The team at Loot Crate have just announced brand new original collectible figure lines based on the two franchises, and they are going to be 100% Loot Crate exclusive!

This past week at New York Toy Fair 2017, Loot Crate premiered both their Halo and WWE based limited edition collectible figure lines. The lines are completely original, designed and manufactured by the team at Loot Crate specifically for all of you ‘Looters’ out there! These lines will be available exclusively in Loot Crate’s specialty series crates, which are the ‘Halo Legendary Crate’ and the ‘WWE Slam Crate’. While Loot Crate is known for their specialty pop culture items, many of their ‘Exclusives’ are produced and licensed to them by other companies. These new figure lines are the first major expansion by Loot Crate into actual toy manufacturing for themselves, which means that it opens the door wide open to other potential new lines in the future! This gives collectors a chance to pick up a broader spectrum of one-of-a-kind products they can’t get anywhere else.


The first figures to be released for these lines are The Arbiter in an upcoming ‘Great Schism’ themed ‘Halo Legendary Crate’, and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ‘Masters Of The Mic’ ‘WWE Slam Crate’!

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In addition to showing off these two new lines, we were able to get some exciting news from Loot Crate’s Head of Communications Erik Reynolds regarding another brand new line that collectors can look forward to! If you’re a sports fan you’ll be excited to hear that Loot Crate is now the official subscription box of Major League Baseball!

“There’s going to be an original exclusive figure for each of the teams that we are supporting!” said Reynolds. “In baseball, it’s all team based. There’s no ‘baseball’ fans, there’s a Mets Fan, or a Dodgers Fan. So we’ll be announcing the ten teams at launch, which are likely to be the top ten teams from the recent world series, and then we’ll be unlocking more teams from there! We’re really excited about that. It really goes to show that you passionate fans live in every space, and from the convention goer person that waits in line for hours to meet Kevin Smith, to the person who waits hours and hours to meet their favorite sports player. Whether you’re a sports fan or a comics fan, you’re just super passionate! We try to serve as many fandoms as we can, and we’re really excited about that.”


While there is no concrete information regarding the upcoming MLB box just yet, the other new ‘Halo Legendary’ and ‘WWE Slam’ crates will be shipping bi-monthly, so while their price point is slightly higher ($34.99 per crate for ‘Halo Legendary Crate’ and $29.99 per crate for ‘WWE Slam Crate’) than the standard Loot Crate ($15.99 per crate), you’re definitely getting your money’s worth in each one! Whether you’re into comics, gaming, anime, movies, or even sports now, there’s always something for everyone at Loot Crate!

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