Captain Marvel

With ‘Captain Marvel’ set in the 90s, there are a ton of fun opportunities for Marvel Studios to play with and now Kevin Feige is sharing why this era was picked for the film. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to taking a peek at different time periods with ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ tossing us back to World War 2, ‘Ant-Man’ hinting at what Henry Pym was up to during the Cold War and a slew of other fun inclusions.

So why the 90’s? Feige explains that:

“The answer is, you’ll see in the storytelling of the movie. But it allows us to play in an area that we have never played in before and tapping into a ’90s action genre was fun for us and being able to see an earlier part of the MCU before Nick Fury knew anything about aliens or anything about super-powered people and also tapping into the Kree-Skrull War, which in the comics was a huge part of the comic mythology, seemed like a fun thing to try and a fun way to give Carol Danvers her own standalone origin story.”

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had to mix up the genres of their films, a 90s action movie is one that would have been hard to tackle, and this not only does that but lays the groundwork for so much more.

The studio has previously shared that they are taking new approaches to origin movies and that is no different here as producer Nate Moore previously stated:

“I think the way the film opens is much different than an origin movie, and because she is a heroine that you haven’t seen before, we’re able to tell this story structurally in a way that will feel unexpected and hopefully will keep audiences off balance. Still balanced enough that they can enjoy the film, but even just making it a period film is sort of interesting in that it’s not just a function of the world as we know it in the MCU today.”

I’m eager to see how they put all the elements together with a film that captures the 90s, a 90s action film, and takes a deep dive into the cosmic side of the MCU while keeping things in canon. Not only that, it will be interesting to see Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson digitally de-aged for this film.

Are you looking forward to being able to check out ‘Captain Marvel’ when she arrives on the big screen next year? Was the 90’s the right time period to place this film? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

‘Captain Marvel’ will soar “Higher, Further, Faster, More” into your local theaters on March 8th, 2019!

Source: The Toronto Sun