This isn’t the  ‘Teen Titans’ that you may have grown up loving. The trailer is out for ‘Titans‘ and it is clearly for a more mature audience. The DC Universe is starting off strong as we see Brenton Thwaites as Robin dropping an F-Bomb as things get underway in this fun little teaser.

If you were hoping that the series would have the darker tone of the DC Films cinematic universe than you just happen to be in luck! There is a ton of action, gore, and Robin not being super happy about Batman.

You can check out the action-packed trailer right here!


Yes, it isn’t every day that you can hear Robin saying “F**k Batman” and the target audience obviously isn’t the same of say the upcoming ‘Teen Titans GO! To The Movies.’ Likely, you won’t want the kiddos turning into this one if they’re craving more of the cartoon version after checking out the movie.

Are you looking forward to the first outing with ‘Titans’ in the DC Universe? Has this trailer promised a show that you’d want to watch or were you hoping for something a bit more family-friendly? Will Grayson being so alienated from Batman from the get go be the mindset that you were hoping he’d be in? What do you think will have caused the rift in this series and how much of that will be explored? Share your thoughts below!


Titans follows a group of young soon-to-be superheroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. In the action-adventure series, Dick Grayson emerges from the shadows to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes that includes Starfire, Raven, and others.