Before ‘Justice League‘ was releasing early promotional images for the film, one of the standouts was an image of ‘Aquaman‘ with the text “Unite The Seven.” This came out even prior to the release of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ Many thought at the time that this was a reference to uniting the Justice League and would be for the release of ‘Justice League’ which only ended up giving us six members with Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Superman, and Aquaman.

Seeing it might jog your memory:

This number wasn’t a mistake on DC Films’ part as now it looks like Zach Snyder was playing the long game with this promo and the “Unite The Seven” tag looks to have been in reference to the upcoming stand-alone ‘Aquaman’ film.

Now, three years later, new details about ‘Aquaman’ seem to confirm what the Seven actually is and it should come as a surprise. The Seven refers to the seven underwater kingdoms:

“All Seven Kingdoms will be represented in the film: Atlantis, The Trench, Xebel, The Brine, The Fisherman Kingdom, The Missing Kingdom, and an unknown seventh. This is where the whole ‘Unite the Seven’ tagline came from in that very early look at Aquaman (many thought it had to do with uniting the Justice League).”

This tagline which was released years back now was meant to tie directly into ‘Aquaman,’ and it was never made apparent until now.

Do you feel that this tagline was released far too early from when we found out this detail about ‘Aquaman’? Should someone over at DC Films have explained it sooner? Are you happy to hear that the seven meant the kingdoms or were you hoping for another member of the Justice League to appear? Share your thoughts below!

Source: io9