The age old Star Wars Vs. Star Trek battle may have simmered somewhat over the years, although friction does rear its ugly head here and there.  I mean it IS the internet after all.  But the ones that seem to stoke the fire most are those with nothing to lose, like say… William Shatner.

With all the pro-‘The Force Awakens’ hype, the original sky walker, has taken to Twitter to take jabs at the upcoming film, comparing elements of the new surefire hit to earlier, cheesy sci fi properties.

Or to cheesy elements of ‘Star Wars’ lore, like in this recent tweet:

While promoting the new ‘Star Wars’, actor John Boyega was asked about Shatner’s online barbs, but the actor was unaware of these tweets.  After being filled in, he had this to say to the original Captain Kirk:

“Here’s what you need to do, take a seat. Have a nice tea. And keep your mouth closed.”

Boyega didn’t actually take the argument to Twitter and to be honest, he was pretty much baited into this response to begin with.  Even so, Yahoo! Movies tweeted their article to which Shatner responded:

From the retweets and comments, it seems that as usual, the fans have taken sides, some rallying around Boyega and others around Shatner, with some drawing potential comparisons between Boyega and the wooden Hayden Christensen who played Anakin Skywalker in the second and third prequels and even Jake Lloyd, the child Anakin from the often dismissed ‘Phantom Menace’.  (To be fair, the prequels were directed by George Lucas, an inexperienced director who admitted to having trouble coaching his actors, while the new flick is helmed by J.J. Abrams, who generally coaxes pretty great performances.)

But once again, Boyega hasn’t actually chimed in on Twitter (nor should he).

Should Shatner just do as Boyega advises and sit down and shut up?  Oh like it matters what anyone thinks.  Shatner’s just gonna be Shatner and not you, me or John Boyega is going to change that.

Source: Yahoo! Movies