Star Wars Resistance

There has been a lot of rumbling of late about the newest show to come from Lucasfilm in their ‘Star Wars’ universe, especially since so many fans have been eagerly anticipated seeing something ‘Star Wars’ get onto television since ‘Star Wars Rebels’ finished its run earlier this year. Now, the next series, ‘Star Wars Resistance,’ which is said to be anime-inspired, is just starting to reveal itself to the fans, though few details have truly been “officially” announced, aside from the name, the fact that it will take place before ‘The Force Awakens,’ and feature appearances from characters like Poe Dameron, BB-8, and Captain Phasma. Now, though, we have a sneak peek into the main characters of the series, thanks to a Twitter picture taken during a Disney France Partner event where they were clearly showing the new series to partners. Check it out for yourself below:

True, it is a little far away and not the best angle, but the show looks to already have a robust cast of colorful characters (human and alien) making up both the First Order and Resistance side of things. I wonder if equal screen time will be given to both sides, “good” and “evil” characters. This picture appears makes all of the characters, regardless of allegiance, about equal in importance, a judgment I’m making based on their relative sizes and the emphasis that seems to be on the characters from both the Resistance and the First Order. Admittedly I could just be making a huge assumption as this is not really that much to go on, but it would be interesting to have a First Order character to root for in some episodes, though that makes me wonder how dark the show could get as well, because, similar to ‘Rebels,’ there will be battles and a war going on and it would be very cheap if people did not die during these skirmishes.

What are your thoughts on the picture of characters from ‘Resistance?’ Are you excited for the new series? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below!