Lewis Tan Shatterstar X-Force

Despite the fact that the majority of X-Force was killed during their first mission in ‘Deadpool 2’, the actor that portrayed the sword-slinging Shatterstar, says that he expects to return for ‘X-Force’, 20th Century Fox’s follow-up to the latest Ryan Reynolds vehicle.

Back in May, Lewis Tan discussed ‘X-Force’ saying:

“The X-Force movie is happening.  We talked about this before I signed on for Deadpool, but nothing is confirmed. And, I know that they rework the material up until the last minute, much like they did on Deadpool. So I’m not exactly sure. But I don’t see why they wouldn’t have me, and Terry [Crews], and Bill [Skarsgård] back. And Rob assured me, it’s just interesting. I think it’s a cool dynamic, and hopefully Brad Pitt’s available.”

But with these characters killed off so quickly in ‘Deadpool 2’, it doesn’t seem like that will happen… or will it?

Following the Saturn Awards, Tan spoke to Syfy Wire and said:

“You’re going to see more of my character in the X-Force film … that’s what it’s looking like.  Thankfully, Deadpool went back and had a little time machine that he stole, so in the post-credits scene he brought back Peter, and it’s assumed that we’re all going to come back as well.  Hopefully he brings back Shatterstar and everybody because the fans really enjoyed that scene, and I get a lot of attention online about how they thought it was one of the best scenes in the film.”

In the movie, Deadpool went back in time to save Peter, but could he possibly have saved Shatterstar, Crews‘ Bedlam, Skarsgård’s Zeitgeist and possibly even Pitt’s Vanisher?  This murderous sequence was inspired by the shocking first issue of Peter Milligan’s run on ‘X-Force’ which had nothing to do with the previous team which included Cable and Domino and featured Deadpool as a frequent foe.  The character Zeitgeist appeared in that series but, like most of the rest of his team, was killed in that single comic.

But Shatterstar is a long-running member of Cable’s team, which is considered the definitive version.  Out of all these character’s he’s the one that probably should be in the movie.

What do you think?  Should ‘X-Force’ save Shatterstar, Bedlam, Zeitgeist, and Vanisher?  Or are there plenty of more popular mutants that deserve a spot on the roster?