It seems that 20th Century Fox wants in on all of the super-hero TV action, especially after the continued success of Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD,’ ‘Daredevil‘ and ‘Jessica Jones,’ as well as the DC shows ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Supergirl,’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow.’ The only issue with bringing Fox’s ‘X-Men’ universe to the small screen though is the convoluted nature of their shared universe, which is mired in retcons, timelines, and storylines that may or may not exist anymore.

None of that seems to matter to Simon Kinberg though, the man overseeing most of the current ‘X-Men’ universe.  So with that thought in mind, Fox worked out a deal to develop ‘X-Men’ properties ‘Hellfire‘ and ‘Legion‘ as live action TV shows, with ‘Legion’ being adapted for FX, and having started production in March. For those not in the know, Legion the character is a mutant whose various powers give him a kind of multiple-personality disorder, and while his identity will most likely be simplified for the series, it still presents some interesting possibilities. Kinberg seems particularly excited about ‘Legion,’ as in his own words:

“‘Legion’ marks the first step to bringing a direct connection to the cinematic X-verse to television, and is overseen by Noah Hawley, who’s had tremendous creative success translating the Coen brothers’ film Fargo into an FX series with two distinctive season-long story arcs both interconnected with one another and, slyly and subtly, with the original movie.”

When asked about original rumors that ‘X-Men’ shows would have no connection to the cinematic universe, Kingbird had a lot to say about the tenuous connection:

“Tonally, it’s very different. Noah is a genius — he wrote and created and directed the pilot to ‘Legion’ — and it is a very different sensibility than anything we’ve done with the ‘X-Men’ movies. Almost, I would say, as radically different as ‘Deadpool’ was from the mainline ‘X-Men’ movies. ‘Legion’ is, again, in a different direction: really character-based, really granular in terms of getting inside the details of the characters. It stands as part of the ‘X-Men’ universe, but it stands apart from it as well.”

Make sure to check out the Instagram post from Noah Hawley below of Dan Stevens in the title role, and then share your thoughts on a ‘Legion’ TV series in the comments section below!

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