tom misonTom Mison is no stranger to doing an alternate Earth after his longrunning work on ‘Sleepy Hollow’ so it should be fun to see how he transitions to HBO’s ‘Watchmen‘. Damon Lindelof has been busy casting the series which will take place in the world which Alan Moore created though it will be jumping forward in time to see what the world looks like after it was attacked by a giant squid-like alien. Lindelof has hinted that the surviving Watchmen themselves wouldn’t be directly appearing though even if they do, it doesn’t seem that they’ll be the leading heroes or villains of the show.

A quick guess would be that it won’t be quite like the world which DC has currently shown from the “Doomsday Clock” story arc.

As this takes place further in the timeline, it isn’t clear who any of the actors will be playing or what the story will even be about at this time. What we do know is that Mison will be joining a cast which consists of Frances Fisher, Jacob Ming-Trent, Jeremy Irons, Regina King, Don Johnson, Louis Gossett Jr., Tim Blake Nelson, Adelaide Clemens, and Andrew Howard.

Without character descriptions being revealed we can’t say if these actors will be playing heroes, villains, or civilians. We do know that superheroes will be considered outlaws in this show which will provide for an exciting dynamic to anyone who wants to try to do good as a vigilante. I’m wondering if we’ll see any vigilantes in the mix who see anyone breaking the law as someone that needs to be stopped, even as other vigilantes are trying to do the same thing.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Watchmen’? Do you think that Tom Mison will be playing a hero, villain, or someone in between? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line