Jonah, Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, Gypsy, and the rest of the ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ and Dark Horse crew are bringing the show into the world of comics! And, according to the newly released preview, things are about to get weird!

As you can see from the preview photos below, putting your favorite comic into the BUBBULAT-R will turn the comic into bubbles and allow the subject to experience the comic world like never before! But of course, things don’t exactly go as planned!

Here is an official synopsis for the coming comic book series:

“The riffing hilarity loved by fans of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ since 1988 is taking on a whole new medium…comics! Created for comics by series creator Joel Hodgson, ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000,’ The Comic finds Jonah Heston, Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Gypsy thrust into the 2-D world of public domain comics, with riffing as their only defense! But trust us, these comics have it coming.”

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ was recently picked up by Netflix following a crowdfunding campaign. The reboot was extremely successful and has already been given a second season on Netflix which will serve as the franchise’s twelfth season overall. The original show was created by Joel Hodgson back in 1988 and featured a janitor being trapped by two mad scientists and being forced to watch B movies so the scientists can take over the world. In order to not lose his mind, he developed several robot companions to help him riff on the films he was being forced to watch.

In honor of its 30th-anniversary, ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ will be putting on an anniversary tour, which Hodgson will take part in as well. ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Comic’ issue #1 will be available on September 9 and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop!