Ant Man And The Wasp

For those of us who just CANNOT wait for ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ to hit theaters in a few weeks, Disney/ Marvel is whetting our appetite for the latest adventures of Scott Lang with two new clips from the film, which ironically enough, he is not actually featured in. Both clips star Evangeline Lily’s Hope Van Dyne, aka The Wasp, showing off her action chops as she destroys her opponents using the shrinking technology of the films.

The first clip involves a car chase where she can shrink and regrow the van she is in while driving while the second clip shows her on foot taking down a group of henchmen in a kitchen fight.


In the first clip (above), Hope and Michael Pena’s Luis seem to be on the run with what looks like a shrunken down version of her father’s lab and are being pursued by a number of cars, all of whom seem intent on recovering that lab. In order to evade them, Hope proceeds to hit the “shrink” button of the van, using it to throw off the maneuvers of her attackers, and eventually, after shrinking and getting underneath one of them, grow to full size and launch the other car right off the road.


In the second clip (which is interrupted a number of times by promos for the movie, which is very annoying), Hope is fighting some thugs in a kitchen, who wield all manner of culinary weapons against her to no avail, she is just too fast, and her ability to fly makes her all but uncatchable. It’s a fun scene to see her powers in full effect and reminds us that she truly can handle herself well with these powers and is more than a match for Ant-Man when it comes to the hero business.

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SOURCE: Comingsoon,net