With ‘The Dark Tower‘ finally getting ready to debut one has to wonder about the long term plans of this potential franchise. The original idea was to have a trilogy of movies or more with an interconnecting television series to tell us the story of The Gunslinger. However, this Stephen King epic hasn’t been given the best of promotions, and it is hard to tell what the studio plans to do about the future of this property.

Especially with rumored arguments between Nikolaj Arcel and the studio having recently surfaced about the final cut of the film.

So what does that mean for the future? Well, Arcel still has a plan if the box office has enough draw to have a sequel greenlit:

“The best way to continue the series, if we are lucky enough to continue, would be with what is actually book two, because now the other characters start coming into the story. They start gathering the band of heroes. This is really only trying to encompass novel one, with elements from some of the other novels.”

With the second novel being ‘The Drawing of the Three’ that has Roland start bringing in his Ka-tat, or partners in saving the world, that might be what we see play out in a sequel. This is likely where we would actually see an introduction of the classic characters of Eddie and Susannah Dean.

However, Stephen King makes an appearance in the novels and if more movies end up happening would we see him show up as well?

“Yes. Of course. There’s no way you can continue the story without bringing them in.”

It sounds as if Arcel has a solid idea of where he would want to take the franchise if it ends up doing well at the box office. Let’s just hope that it makes a mark.

Are you looking forward to the cinematic take of ‘The Dark Tower’? Are you happy to hear that it will continue to loosely follow the novels? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend.