Swamp Thing

Fresh off of swimming with ‘Aquaman,’ James Wan is now busy helping develop ‘Swamp Thing‘ for the “DC Universe” streaming service and now a couple of new character profiles have popped up. The show is rumored to begin production this September in North Carolina, so casting is in full swing. While we know that Abby Arcane and Alec Holland are the main characters in the series, there hasn’t been many details dropped past that.

Now, two new characters are being hinted at and one of them is the villain for the series, or at least a villain as it isn’t clear how many there will be at this time.

The first character that we have a description of is Matthew Cable and he is described as “the sheriff of the town and former high school sweetheart to Abby Arcane. A good guy with anger issues.”

The actor that they’re hoping to find will be in their mid-30’s, use James Marsden as their guide, and it sounds like his story will be somewhat different from that in the comics. Previously he was a government agent that did security for Alec Holland’s project. When he couldn’t keep Alec and his wife safe, he went on a personal vendetta against those who had killed them. Later he marries Abby Arcane, gets reality-altering powers, and loses his mind.

It does sound like some of these ideas can easily be fit into the overall story arc that they have planned just by the characters being included.

As to the second character, no name is shared yet, but it is the role of the villain. The studio wants someone in their late-40s to late-50s who is similar to either Lawrence Fishburne or Jeff Goldblum. The description of the character is that he is a “smart, slick and cunning” villain.

While that isn’t too clear on who they’re speaking of, it could quite possibly be Anton Arcane who is Swamp Thing’s nemesis in the comics. On the flip side, they could also be going with General Avery Carlton Sunderland as the villain since the Sunderland Corporation will be part of the series.

Who do you think James Wan will go with for the bad guy who Swamp Thing is trying to take down? Do you have any thoughts on casting choices for either character with how open the descriptions are? Share your thoughts below!

Source: That Hashtag Show