Despite the fact that we just had an epic two night crossover event with ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow,’ it seems the creative forces behind the CW’s Arrowverse are not quite done crossing characters over this year. David Ramsey had recently teased that he would be crossing over onto ‘The Flash’ in an upcoming episode, and now thanks to Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg, we now know why:

“The Diggles arrive in Central City to help Barry take on King Shark who has escaped from ARGUS and is hellbent on completing his mission of destroying The Flash.”

Fans may remember King Shark’s introduction on ‘The Flash’ when he appeared at the end of episode 204 to threaten Barry’s life, the carnage coming to an end when Earth 2’s Harrison Wells took down the villain with a gun from his lab. Since then, it seems King Shark has been imprisoned by ARGUS (which makes sense as in the comics King Shark is a member of the Suicide Squad), an imprisonment which clearly will be coming to an end soon. Fan excitement should be high as everyone seemed to be impressed by the special effects used to bring King Shark to life and seeing more of him would be amazing, even if the executive producers have said the character is very expensive to put on screen.

the diggles at their weddingWhile this may not be a full crossover in that we will only see Diggle and Lyla in Central City, it is enough just to know that characters are bouncing back and forth, reminding us all that Oliver Queen and Barry Allen are only a train ride away from one-another, and have the option of calling the other for help in situations like this. Plus, this plays nicely into the scene from last season’s crossover where Barry inadvertently revealed his secret identity to Lyla, assuming Diggle would have already told her, thus allowing her to be part of episodes like this because she knows he is The Flash.

What are your thoughts on the Diggle’s crossing over to take on King Shark? Is it somewhat confusing since Lyla retired from ARGUS? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Screenrant, Comicbookmovie.com