Hannah John-Kamen

As a fan of Marvel, Hannah John-Kamen has been loving her work as Ghost in the upcoming ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp‘ and shares a few of the ways bringing this character to life has been fun for her. As a character who we’ve never known much about, Ghost was ripe for an update that also changed the character’s gender, and Hannah is fully behind it.

Initially introduced in 1987, Ghost has always been a bit of a blank slate, and this new take is expanding on the villain:

“The kind of gender swapping from male to female—you can look at comic books written so long ago. And it’s nice to like go, do you know what? This is a modern—it’s a modern world. It’s again freeing to be able to take that character and go, yeah, that can be played by a male or female, and that’s definitely forward thinking. And that’s been amazing to be able to do.”

There are clear differences and similarities between the heroes and villains from the comic counterparts and Hannah shares that the director made this transition fun as: “I mean Peyton’s amazing. It’s so good to work with a director who is such a fan of the world that we’re all working on.”

Unlike many villains and heroes from the comics, Ghost doesn’t have an alter ego. We don’t know if Ghost ever does anything while not in uniform and for John-Kamen:

“It’s freeing, it’s very freeing, to play this character, and whether you were in the suit or not, what the perception of the character is, it’s just a new character. And when it’s a new character, there is freedom with that.”

We’ve also got a few new shots of Ghost in the film and one behind-the-scenes photo which you can check out below:

Are you looking forward to seeing this portrayal of Ghost on the big screen when ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ launches next month? Do you think that this fresh take on a classic character will work for fans? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Marvel