Once again, just as you probably predicted, we are back with an all-new Toy News Tuesday! We’re the one weekly column right here on ScienceFiction.com where we seek out all of the awesome news you need to know about any announcements and cool happenings in the toy industry and put them all in one easy to find place for you! It is officially less than a month away from New York Toy Fair 2018! We know there are a few things we are looking forward to seeing there, but in the meantime there’s still plenty to be excited about now! This week we have awesome new items from Diamond Select Toys, DC Collectibles, NECA, and more! There’s so much to see in the toy news for the week of January 23rd, 2018!


Our good friends at Diamond Select Toys are diving into the world of DC Comics Television! This week DST issued a new press release and photos for a number of fantastic new items from the DCTV universe! A few of these that we have seen before are hitting stores this week like ‘The Flash’ Vinimates, while others are brand new and have never been seen like the new ‘Green Arrow’ statue! Check out the full release along with images from Diamond Select Toys below!

Diamond Select Toys has been capturing the world of DC Comics TV shows in 3-D form for a while now, with action figures and Minimates based on Gotham and iZombie. But there have been other shows waiting in the wings: the DC TV shows on the CW – Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow – have not gotten the DST treatment… until now! This week sees the first Arrowverse products shipping from DST, with many more to come!

This week, three Vinimates vinyl figures based on The Flash ship to comic shops and online retailers, featuring the Flash, Reverse Flash and Captain Cold. Each 4-inch vinyl figure is sculpted in the block-figure style, and set in an iconic pose from the TV show. Each one comes packaged in a full-color, stackable window box featuring show artwork.

Coming this spring, two Vinimates based on Supergirl will ship to stores – Supergirl and J’onn J’onzz are available for pre-order now, through your local comic shop or favorite online retailer. After that, DST will offer a full assortment based on Arrow!

In a more realistic vein, the DC Gallery line of PVC Dioramas will incorporate 9-inch sculptures of each show’s main character. The first two, Supergirl and The Flash, are available for pre-order now, and Arrow will be up for pre-order starting next week! 


DC Collectibles Launches New Statue Lines And More!

Our friends over at DC Collectibles have recently been undergoing a bit of an identity crisis (see what we did there?) and are launching some fantastic new lines to give fans a better idea of what we can expect from them moving forward! They’ve got the new ‘DC Core’ line of PVC Statues that will bring fan favorite DC Comics characters to life in fun new ways! Plus they’ve announced a new multi-part statue that recreates the iconic cover art to ‘New Teen Titans #1’ by George Perez! Check out the full release and solicitations from DC below!


DC Collectibles is kicking off the New Year in a big way by revealing a fresh new slate featuring two unique statue lines. Taking center stage in August 2018 will be a first-ever PVC statue line from DC Collectibles titled DC Core. The line will present striking new interpretations of fan-favorite DC characters and will be offered at an attractive $50.00 price point. DC Collectibles will also release an inventive multi-part statue set that showcases the Teen Titans characters as seen in the famous NEW TEEN TITANS #1 cover by legendary artist George Pérez. Additional DC Collectibles items debuting in August 2018 include a Designer Series Batman mini statue by Brian Bolland, a Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn expressions pack and a DC Cover Girls: Batgirl statue based on the artwork of superstar artist Joëlle Jones.

Charting into new territory, DC Core is DC Collectibles’ first line of 9″ scale statues produced in PVC. The character designs and attitudes are conjured up by DC Collectibles’ executive creative director Jim Fletcher and his award-winning design team, and will feature dazzling, dynamic poses. Each figure will stand upon a character-specific base that will include the same intricate details as the statue itself.

“DC Collectibles is always looking for new ways to bring our rich portfolio of DC Super Heroes and stories to life, and PVC allows us to create complex, exaggerated poses we’ve never tried before,” explained Fletcher. “With PVC, we don’t have to worry as much about breakage, since the material is more durable than resin, and we can offer these statues at a lower price point without sacrificing quality. Fans will be amazed at the great attention to detail given to each character, and we hope they are as thrilled with the DC Core designs as we are.”

The Joker is the first DC character to be transformed into a DC Core statue, and the spectacular sculpt by David Pereira features the Clown Prince of Crime holding his prized Joker cane on top of his equally iconic “HAHAHA”-themed base. The Joker statue hits stores August 2018 and will be followed by Batman, Batgirl and Wonder Woman statues later this year.

DC Collectibles will also release the first two characters from the company’s 6″ scale New Teen Titans multi-part statue set. The set stars the entire superhero team featured in George Pérez’s popular NEW TEEN TITANS #1 cover—Starfire, Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Raven—and the versatile bases allow fans to become their own storytellers. Fans can display one or a few of their favorite characters independently, or for those wanting to own the whole set, the bases fit perfectly together to recreate the iconic Pérez cover image. Each sold separately, Starfire and Robin are the first characters to hit shelves in August. The remaining characters will be released at separate times throughout the year.

See below for the list of DC Collectibles items debuting in August 2018 and beyond, and check out all the imagery in the photos above and videos below!

DC Core PVC Statues

Size: 1:8/9″ scale
MSRP: $50.00 (Each sold separately)
Characters: The Joker (On sale August 2018), Batman (On sale September 2018), Batgirl (On sale November 2018), Wonder Woman (On sale November 2018)


The New Teen Titans Multi-Part Statue Set

Size: 1:12/6″ scale
MSRP: $80.00 (Each sold separately)
Based on the artwork by George Pérez
Sculpted by Joe Menna
Characters: Starfire (On sale August 2018), Robin (On sale August 2018), Beast Boy (On sale September 2018), Cyborg (On sale September 2018), Kid Flash (On sale October 2018), Wonder Girl (On sale October 2018), Raven (On sale November 2018)


Batman: The Animated Series: Harley Quinn Expressions Pack

Size: 1:12/6″ scale
MSRP: $50.00
On sale August 2018
Accessories include: eight different expressions, two hyenas, multiple pieces of weaponry, roller skates, a fish head costume and a deluxe base


DC Cover Girls: Batgirl by Joëlle Jones Statue

Size: 1:8/9″ scale
MSRP: $125.00
Designed by Joëlle Jones
Sculpted by Jack Mathews
On sale August 2018


Designer Series: Batman by Brian Bolland Mini Statue

Size: 1:10/7″ Scale
Based on the artwork from Brian Bolland’s Eisner Award-winning BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE
Sculpted by David Giraud
MSRP: $80.00
On sale August 2018

NECA’s Latest Marvels

The team at NECA have long been known for producing some of the best figures on the market, but they also have geared towards a policy of “go big or go home” lately, which they’ve taken to heart quite literally with two of their latest figures! This week NECA announced their first ever ‘Ultimate’ figure in 1:4 scale with ‘Ultimate Deadpool’! This figure is due out later this year between May and June!

Marvel’s Merc with the Mouth makes history as NECA’s first ever Ultimate quarter scale action figure! Possibly the most skilled mercenary in the world (but definitely the most annoying), Deadpool is the joke-cracking, fourth-wall-breaking, taco-eating funnyman of the cold-blooded killer set.

Ultimate Deadpool stands 18” tall, with over 30 points of articulation for great action poses, and he’s loaded with new accessories. The figure comes with three interchangeable head sculpts, interchangeable hands, and a bounty of weaponry with working holsters and sheaths. The full list of accessories includes: machine gun, assault rifle and pistol, each with a detachable blast effect; katanas; sai; knife; “MR-D” medallion necklace; baseball cap; melted cheese pizza toppings; unicorn; and, of course, a chimichanga.

Comes in new premium packaging

If you don’t feel like waiting for Deadpool to get your Marvel fix, NECA also has a 1:4 scale Daredevil figure set to hit shelves in February! This figure isn’t technically an ‘Ultimate’ figure, but it may as well be with it’s alternative heads and accessories! Check out the solicitation below!

Daredevil, the man without fear, joins NECA’s line of incredibly detailed quarter scale action figures!

Based on his classic comic book look, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen stands 18” tall and has over 30 points of articulation for high-flying action poses.

Accessories include alternate Matt Murdock head, removed cowl, batons, interchangeable hands, and more.

Heat Vision Toys

While ‘Justice League’ didn’t exactly do gangbusters at the box office, it’s impossible to deny the the film was a lot of fun and definitely brought the classic DC Comics team to life on the big screen! The team at Hot Toys is continuing to roll out their extensive line of ‘Justice League’ 1:6 scale figures, and the latest to join the lineup is none other than the last son of Krypton himself, Superman! This new 1:6 scale Superman figure includes a number of alternative hands, an alternative ‘heat vision’ head, a figure stand, and more! Check out the full solicitation from Hot Toys below!

Justice League – 1/6th scale Superman Collectible Figure

“The world needs Superman… the team needs Clark.” – Bruce Wayne Justice League was released in last fall and went on to break numerous box-office records around the world! As a direct continuation to the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Son of Krypton, Superman returned from dead and battled against the formidable super villain intruder Steppenwolf and his hordes of Parademons to prevent an invasion of the Earth. Given the immense popularity of the character, Hot Toys is delighted to officially present the new 1/6th scale Superman Collectible Figure from the latest DC Extended Cinematic Universe blockbuster!

Expertly crafted based on Henry Cavill’s appearance in the movie with astonishing likeness, the Superman collectible figure features a newly developed LED light-up head sculpt that accentuates Superman’s unique heat vision ability coming from the eyes as well as a interchangeable newly painted head sculpt, a newly developed muscular body, a finely detailed and meticulously tailored costume with metallic superman icon on chest, and a specially designed Justice League themed figure stand. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to add the legendary Superman collectible figure to your Justice League collection!


Back To Rapture

While the franchise has been quiet in the gaming world for a few years, it’s safe to say that the ‘Bioshock’ series is still alive and well in the hearts and minds of fans! The crew at ThreeZero first premiered their 1:6th scale ‘Bioshock’ line of figures last year when they announced a figure of ‘Big Daddy with Little Sister’ (which is due to hit the market any time now!), and now they’re ready to delve back into the depths of Rapture with the newly announced Subject Delta with Little Sister set!

Information is scarce at this time, as they’ve only shown a teaser image, but it’s safe to say that this property is in the right hands if this figure set of Subject Delta and Little Sister is even remotely as good as it looks in this early preview!


The Funko Forecast

Get ready for the Funko Forecast! This is where we’re going to be showcasing all of the cool new announcements and reveals from Funko! With all of the awesome that consistently seems to be flowing out of those guys, it shouldn’t be hard to keep this section alive each and every week!

Welcome To Jurassic Park

We first saw a sneak peek at these a few weeks back, but this week we have the full confirmed lineup for Funko’s new wave of ‘Jurassic Park’ POP! Vinyls! The main wave will be comprised of Alan Grant, John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, and Dennis Nedry, along with POP! Vinyls of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Velociraptor, and a Dilophosaurus! The Dilophosaurus will have a chase variant without it’s frill out, which will certainly be a highly sought after piece!

On top of the common releases, there will also be a few exclusives! Our friends at Entertainment Earth will have a special 2-pack of Goo-Covered Dennis Nedry and a Dilophosaurus, while Target may have the single greatest Funko exclusive of all time with their ‘Injured’ Ian Malcolm!

While we’ve seen a preview of the Jurassic Park Jeep POP! Ride with Ellie Sattler, for some reason she was not formally announced with the rest of the wave that will be hitting in March. It’s highly likely she will be hitting the shelves not long after the rest of them though. And we’ve got our fingers crossed on a Lex and Tim 2-pack (and hopefully Muldoon if we are lucky) as convention exclusives later this year!

Hats Off At Target

This week we’ve got another Funko POP! Vinyl coming exclusively to Target stores, and it’s definitely one you won’t want to miss! Joining the Target exclusive collection is the legendary Oddjob of ‘James Bond 007’ fame! This exclusive version features Oddjob with his hat off and ready to be thrown from his hand. Whether you remember him as the bowler-hat throwing henchman from ‘Goldfinger’ or as the impossible-to-shoot-because- he-is-so-short multiplayer character from ‘Goldeneye 007’ on Nintendo 64, Oddjob is certainly a pop culture icon that won’t soon be forgotten! He’s available at Target stores starting this week!

And with that, we bring this week’s Toy News Tuesday to a close! What do you think about the new items announced this week? Do you plan on picking up anything we mentioned in this week’s column? Are there any lines or brands you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments section below!