Evil Dead

In 2013 we saw a remake drop of ‘Evil Dead ‘ which had fans loving the full-on horror take for the franchise. While a sequel was in the works, it ended up getting pushed off when Starz brought us ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead‘ and has been in limbo ever since. Now, depending on the outcome of this year’s World Cup we might see director Fede Alvarez put a sequel into production!

While that sounds highly impossible to believe, the word came from Alvarez himself while responding to a tweet:

While this is most likely just the director sharing a fun response, we can always hope that this is a possibility! He did double down on this when another fan brought up how unlikely it would be to see that happen this year:


Due to rights, Alvarez’s schedule, Jane Levy being busy with ‘Castle Rock‘ and other projects which might keep her from returning as Mia, and a slew of other moving parts, this is by no means a done deal even if Uruguay did end up winning. However, fans can hope that this is the case.

With Bruce Campbell having retired from playing Ash that also means that the once rumored crossover between the two iterations of ‘Evil Dead’ is unlikely to happen as well.

No matter who wins the World Cup, would you want to see a sequel to the reboot of ‘Evil Dead’? With ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ the last outing of Campbell in the role, can we now embrace the second take on this franchise? Do you think that Jane Levy returning as Mia would be the best way to have the franchise continue? Share your thoughts below!