A major complaint in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘ from fans was how quickly Doomsday was introduced into the franchise and how they ended up creating him but Zack Snyder says not to worry. According to the director, the “real Doomsday” has yet to be introduced in the DCEU and is still out there if a later movie wants to introduce the character.

The architect behind the beginnings of DC’s cinematic universe was asked if the Doomsday in ‘BvS’ was the original Doomsday and if the Doomsday from Zod was a different one from the one the scientist Burton created?”

Snyder was quick to answer the question sharing:

“yes the real doomsday is out there still.”

For as powered up as the undead Zod was in the movie, a real Doomsday could still come looking to pick a fight with Superman down the line. However, I’m not sure if we’ll even see the Man of Steel or the Justice League continue on in their current form for much longer.

Also, I doubt we’d see another adaptation of ‘The Death of Superman’ worked into the DCEU so soon after the version we’ve already seen failed to resonate with critics and fans alike.

Are you happy to hear that the “real Doomsday” is still out there in case DC Films plans to use him down the line? Would tackling another take of this story work in the DCEU? Do you think this will even be brought up again in the films with Snyder no longer pushing forward his vision of DC’s cinematic universe? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant