Dominic Monaghan

Genre and industry vet Dominic Monaghan, well known to ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans as having portrayed Merry the hobbit in the Peter Jackson-directed trilogy of films, seems to have enjoyed his experience in creating the movies – so much so, that he’d be open and interested in returning to the role for Amazon’s in-development ‘Lord of the Rings’ prequel project.

In a recent interview, Monaghan spoke about how he would – and wouldn’t – envision a return to his hobbit role:

“It just depends how they do it, really. If they do the older hobbits sitting around reminiscing on their journeys, of course I’d do that. I love that world, and I think introducing new generations to that world only brings them back to the Peter Jackson trilogy, and to the books.”

Monaghan was quick to point out, however, that no talks between him and Amazon have taken place, so this chit-chat is purely speculative conjecture at this point.  Since Amazon is creating their new series as a prequel set before the events shown in Jackson’s films, the odds of them coming calling for Merry to take the stage once more seem slim.

Monaghan, for his part, seems to remember his time on the set of the first trilogy fondly, even with his signature brand of sarcastic humor thrown in:

“It was a small, independent movie, made in Australia. They made sure all the hobbits took drugs that shrunk them over the course of a few months, which turned your urine bright blue… which was a bit annoying.”

The Amazon-led ‘Lord of the Rings’ prequel project does not have a set release date as of yet.