Wonder Woman

It hasn’t been revealed where Wonder Woman was between her first film and the upcoming sequel, but it appears that she once again left the outside world for a time.  Just as Diana was dazzled– and at times horrified– by the “modern” world of 1917 and wonders like ice cream, wait ’til she gets a peek at 1984!

Just days ago, director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot shared one of the first pictures taken on the set of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, showing Diana studying a wall of TVs, each broadcasting a different program, including the primetime soap ‘Dallas’ and a shot of Christie Brinkley from the movie ‘Vacation’.  Though her facial expression is only visible in the reflection, she seems bewildered by the sensory overload of it all.

So it appears that Diana (and possibly Steve Trevor) will have to spend some time adjusting to the modern world, including cultural advancements.  Diana has had a few dance scenes in prior films, but they have been limited to classical waltzes and the like.  Wait ’til she experiences breakdancing!

Ever since the 1970s TV show starring Lynda Carter, Diana would spin around in order to turn into Wonder Woman.  But does that spin compare to THESE?

Twitter user @AriaBananaa managed to capture a sequence of Diana and Steve (Chris Pine) despite tight security.  Her caption is hilarious, as it seems the security team’s cover story was that they were filming a Colgate commercial!

What other bizarre new findings will Diana and Steve encounter in this brave new world?  We’ll find out when ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ opens on November 1, 2019.