Aeon Flux

Way back in the 1990s, the prime of dial-up and ‘Saved by the Bell,’ MTV experimented with animated programs and called their block of shows Liquid Television. One of the shows was ‘Aeon Flux,’ which was an animated series for adults that included graphic scenes of violence, sex, fetishism, and domination. It was also the reason for parental controls on TVs! Not really…but maybe?

The series was created by Peter Chung (‘Rugrats’), and was super popular, running for several short seasons throughout the mid-90s. The storyline centers around secret agent Aeon Flux, and takes place in the year 7698 after the world’s population fell victim to an environmental disaster, except for two cities in what was formerly Eastern Europe. One city is an anarchist society while the other is a police state led by Aeon Flux’s nemesis/love interest Trevor Goodchild.

Up until 2005, depictions of Aeon Flux were primarily on television and one video game. Then, a live-action movie starring Charlize Theron was released and completely bombed. Maybe the third time is the charm!

‘Teen Wolf’ showrunner Jeff Davis will write the script and executive produce the remake alongside ‘The Walking Dead’ producer Gale Anne Hurd, who was also a producer on the 2005 film. According to an official synopsis, the story will be “set in a future dystopian state and revolves around a young assassin who teams with a group of biohacking rebels to save humanity as she becomes the hero known as Aeon Flux.”

No casting or release dates have been confirmed. Stay tuned for more ‘Aeon Flux’ news as it becomes available!