Black Panther

Even if Chadwick Boseman‘s T’Challa hadn’t met his fate as he did in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ there is a chance we could see another ‘Black Panther‘ take the helm in one of the movie’s sequels. In fact, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if this didn’t happen in the still untitled ‘Avengers 4‘ film as the movie has hinted that we’ll be seeing a time jump and someone needs to be the ruler of Wakanda.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself. There is plenty of precedence in the comics that someone else besides T’Challa could end up in the role of ‘Black Panther. Letitia Wright’s Shuri is known to have taken on the mantle of leadership in the comics. While all of the plants that give a ruler of Wakanda their power had been destroyed in the first ‘Black Panther’ movie, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there which viewers just don’t know about.

The news of another potential ‘Black Panther’ came from producer Nate Moore who stated:

“One thing I like to tell Ryan is, the Black Panther is a mantle as much as it is a person, so we’re not restricted by anything, because the truth is, there’s a lot of different ways to go back to Wakanda and have a good time and continue to explore the themes that made the first film so resonant.”

Unless we see it slipped into ‘Avengers 4’, I doubt this is something we’d see at any point in the near future. However, once a ‘Black Panther’ trilogy comes to a close, it could easily be a jumping in point for a new person to take on the role and Shuri would be the obvious choice.

Do you feel that the title of ‘Black Panther’ should switch to another character in a future film? Could it be happening as early as ‘Avengers 4’? Would you like to see Shuri or someone else wear the mantle? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Screen Rant