Maybe it’s the fact that most of the Marvel movie stars’ contracts are finished and ‘Avengers 4’ will likely be the culmination of the cinematic universe, but it appears that Marvel Studios is looking to the future for potential headliners and one of them might be Hawkeye.

Per Reddit, Kevin Feige gave a vague tease at what fans have to look forward to:

What next after Avengers IW2? Kevin Feige says he is working on:

  • Continuing stories of characters you’re familiar with
  • Different incarnations of characters you know
  • Introducing completely new characters you never heard of before (unless ur a comics fan)

The “completely new characters you never heard of before” refers to The Eternals.  In April, word surfaced that these godly beings would be getting their own movie.

But it’s the “Different incarnations of characters you know” part that indicates that Marvel may have plans for the most under-utilized Avenger, Hawkeye.  But the description seems to hint that it’s not Jeremy Renner‘s version that will be the focus of the solo film, but rather his successor Kate Bishop.

Keep in mind that this is strictly speculation at this point, but MCU Cosmic had previously heard rumors that a ‘Hawkeye’ movie might be part of Marvel Studios future plans.  But they also stated that the plans they learned of were in no way solidified and that IF any of them happened, it would be after 2022.

Hawkeye was rumored to be retiring his identity in ‘Infinity War’ in order to adopt the Ronin alias, but as we now know, Hawkeye wasn’t in that movie at all.  He will be back in ‘Avengers 4’ and some believe he will still become Ronin in that film.  If he does, that leaves the Hawkeye identity up for grabs and it’s possible that the movies could introduce Kate Bishop as the new Hawkeye.

While most of the Marvel movie stars are planning to leave in order to pursue other opportunities, Renner has gone on the record stating that he was simply getting too old to play such a physical character.

Marvel is actively developing a solo movie for Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow’, so with Hawkeye being the only founding Avenger that hasn’t had his own feature, it would make sense to give Renner one in order to flesh him out and to also tie in to the foundation of the film universe as it moves into the future with new characters and actors.

Would you like to see a solo ‘Hawkeye’ movie?  How long are you willing to wait?