Sebastian Stan

Once upon a time when casting was going on for ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ it is a little-known fact that Sebastian Stan has been up for the role of Steve Rogers. Things didn’t work out that way and Chris Evans had been given this iconic role, but Stan has no hard feelings about this. While it is hard to imagine anyone else outside of Evans as Cap, these days it feels that Stan is engrained in the DNA of Bucky Barnes.

While Stan was told that he wasn’t “right for the part” to play Steve Rogers, he was offered the role as Barnes and feels that getting the job “worked out” in his favor as this was a “much better role” for what he enjoys doing.

Those who are familiar with Barnes’ evolution in the comic know that he could still end up wielding the shield before Stan’s nine-film contract comes to a close. Especially since ‘Avengers 4‘ will be the fifth movie for Marvel Studios which leaves four left and likely a void to be filled if rumors of Captain America’s demise and Evans actually being done with the part prove true.

Evans has been constantly vague as to if he’d be returning down the line. How much of this is contract negotiations and how much of this is trying not to spoil the end of ‘Avengers 4’ is something fans can’t decide.

As to how he deals with rejection or shortfalls while working with a movie studio such as Marvel, he says to “try not to take things personally, learn how to face rejection, no matter what you do, stay obsessed with it.”

Could you imagine Sebastian Stan as Steve Rogers kicking things off in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do you think he’ll still end up being Captain America if Evans really is done with the part? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: CNBC.