Tonight marks a big milestone for the Winchester boys as it is the 200th episode of the long running series ‘Supernatural‘ and boy does the show have a treat for the fans! As reported earlier, this episode will be a musical and while we all wait for the episode to air, we have some great videos that give just a brief peek at what we can expect to see!

Tonight’s episode is titled ‘Fan Fiction’ and has Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) – also known as Moose and Squirrel – visiting a school to investigate the disappearance of one of the teachers. Much to their dismay, they come as the school is rehearsing an all female musical production based on Carver Edlund’s books. Fans may recognize the name Edlund as it was the pseudonym for the “prophet” Chuck Shurley who wrote all those “Supernatural” books about the Winchester brothers first seen in the Season 4 episode “The Monster at the End of This Book.”  So you can just imagine how stunned the boys feel seeing that a musical is being made about their lives!

Showrunner Jeremy Carver has stated that this episode would be a “love letter to the fans.” What we do know is that the episode will feature a rendition of “Carry on my Wayward Son” and will feature only three male characters (two of which are the Winchesters – wonder who the third will be?). Best of all, the episode will break down the fourth wall and whenever that happens, fans often get a hilarious and memorable episode to boot!

In an interview with TV Guide Ackles stated, “The person who wrote what you’re seeing on stage took some liberties,” with Padalecki adding, “Fans should expect to see some Sam and Dean stereotypes… we’ve been able to kind of poke fun of ourselves in a way that we knew the fans would enjoy because they’ve kind of asked for it.”

So to get you in the mood for night’s ‘Supernatural’ episode, check out these clips then come back to  tomorrow for our recap of ‘Fan Fiction’!

Source: EW, Variety