wolverineAnyone following Marvel Comics already knows that Wolverine is back but with the company’s most overused character we really can’t call it official until he has his own title again. That will happen in the upcoming mini-series ‘Return of Wolverine.’ This will be the bookend of Logan’s temporarily being gone from the land of the living that started in ‘Death of Wolverine’ and endcap his return which we’re seeing hinted at in after-the-credit scenes in current comics as well as in the ‘Hunt for Wolverine‘ line. Charles Soule, who was responsible for killing Wolverine in the first place, is the author who is bringing him back to live with artwork by Steve McNiven.

His return likely isn’t surprising to anyone but what should be a shocker is that he is coming back with a ridiculously stupid new power. On his return and changes that Logan will be going through Soule says:

“Wolverine’s body has been missing. The entire Marvel Universe has been looking for him because he’s a very important part of the Super Hero puzzle. And at long last, he will be found. I thought this was a real opportunity to do things that would make him feel new and fresh in a way; if you come back from the dead, it should mean something. One of the outwardly physical manifestations of that is that now, from time to time, his claws—once they’re popped—they can heat up. They can get really hot.”

This five-issue mini-series is set to launch on September 19th, 2018, and we’ll have plenty of build up over the course of the current ‘Hunt for Wolverine’ comics as well as other tie-ins as well.

What is interesting is that the ‘Hunt for Wolverine’ will also tie in to a few other stories such as the ‘Adamantium Agenda’, ‘Claws of a Killer’, ‘Mystery in Madripoor’, and ‘Weapon Lost’ which see that “the shocking conclusion of this manhunt leaves Wolverine changed forever.”

I’m wondering if this change will be the claws or if something else is going to happen to Logan. Only time will tell.

Are you annoyed that Wolverine’s return means he now has claws that “can get really hot”? Do you think there is even a need for a new power on this already iconic character? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Marvel