For months people have eagerly anticipated the release of Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man,’ wondering if the movie would live up to all the hype, as well as overcome the years of drama and production issues that have plagued the film since its inception. Now as the release of ‘Ant-Man’ is just around the corner, Marvel/Disney has begun to market the film, starting with a few clips released early, one during IMAX Screenings of ‘Jurassic World,’ and now this first clip released on the internet, showing off the first use of his powers in the film.

In the clip below, Scott Lang finishes putting on the suit for the first time, as he stands in a tub while his allies are approaching from outside. He tests out the buttons on the gloves, and right when the other people enter the house, he manages to activate what I’m assuming are the Pym particles inherent in the suit (at least that’s how it works in the comics) and he shrinks down to microscopic size within the tub, with special effects that look to be far more advanced than anything we saw in the ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ series. The other people in the house search for Scott, as Hank Pym’s voice is heard coaching Scott through the helmet, telling him this will be his trial by fire, then correcting himself to say water, just as the faucet in the tub is activated, and Ant-Man is pummeled by water and sent down the drain.

Based on the special effects alone I think Ant-Man might be truly worth the price of admission, and I expect the 3D on such an adventure to be particularly great. Does Marvel have another hit on its hands? Will ‘Ant-Man’ hold up next to ‘Avengers’ ‘Iron-Man’ and ‘Captain America?’ Only time will tell, but so far, I would say you would be foolish to bet against Marvel’s latest venture.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter