Camren Bicondova Gotham

Holy low episode count Batman, actress Camren Bicondova has shared that the fifth and final season of ‘Gotham‘ will only have a 10-episode count! We’ve already known that a short season was in the cards for next outing, but the joke is on all of us who expected at least a 12-episode release. The show is coming back for a mid-season run and initially had a TBD episode count which is still what is listed out there.

The actress who plays Selena on the series mentioned not only that this season will have a 10-episode count but also a January 2019 release date which has also been up in the air. Fox has yet to confirm or deny these details.

This almost guarantees that we’ll see the first and final episode run with extended run times that would double the time of each. The reason behind that would be that at 10-episodes the show will fall short by 2 to reach the magic 100-episode count that would be needed for syndication. However, if the first and final episodes could each be split into two, they would have a workaround for that little problem.

To be fair, it is almost surprising that the studio is continuing the show at all. It’s live and same day numbers were next-to-last of all of the Fox dramas and the only show that was worse was ‘The Exorcist’ which was canceled.

As to what we’ll see in the final season, executive producer John Stephens has already said that it will be a focus on the ‘Batman: Year Zero’ story arc which not only showed Batman coming into his own but also had him primarily going up against The Riddler. I suspect that we’ll be seeing a focus on the full gambit of Batman’s rogue gallery which has been introduced to this date on display throughout all ten episodes.

Are you glad that ‘Gotham’ is finally coming to an end or do you believe this series could have continued for years to come? Do you feel that 10-episodes is too short to wrap up all of the stories which we’ve currently been given? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line