Pet Sematary Amy Seimetz

‘Stranger Things” Amy Seimetz has signed on to star opposite Jason Clarke in the new cinematic adaptation of Stephen King’s novel ‘Pet Sematary’.  Seimetz will portray Rachel Creed, a role that was originally played by ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation”s Denise Crosby in the 1989 film version.

Seimetz and Clarke play married couple the Creeds, who discover that a nearby pet cemetery has the power to bring beings back from the dead.  So when their toddler son is killed after being struck by a truck, they do what any sane person– oh, my bad, I meant to say complete idiot– does and bury him in the pet cemetery.  (The misspelling as “Sematary” is part of the story.)

Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer are directing their biggest movie yet, following their low-budget flick ‘Starry Eyes’ and MTV’s ‘Scream: The TV Series’.  John Lithgow is also signed on to play Jud Crandall, the requisite creepy old man that’s in every horror movie, that tries to no avail to warn the main characters of spooky happenings but is totally ignored.

Besides playing Eleven’s aunt Becky in ‘Stranger Things’, Seimetz may be recognized for playing Faris in last year’s ‘Alien: Covenant’ and the TV crime drama ‘The Killing’.  Clarke, meanwhile, was last seen in box office dud ‘Chappaquiddick’ which is being renamed ‘The Senator’ before being released on home video.  He played Senator Ted Kennedy.

The 1989 ‘Pet Sematary’ also starred Dale Midkiff and Fred Gwynne (a.k.a. Herman Munster).  Midkiff played Louis Creed, the role Clarke will embody in the remake, while Gwynne portrayed Jud Crandall.  That version was made on a low budget of $11 million and earned $57 million.  (Very little of that $11M production budget went toward making that animatronic cat look at all lifelike.)  Much like ‘It’,’Pet Sematary’ was due for a modern update with better VFX.

Paramount has scheduled ‘Pet Sematary’ to be released on August 19, 2019.

Source: Deadline