Doctor Who Class

Failed BBC ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off, ‘Class,’ is set to return in the form of a collection of audio adventures. The series got the ax after one season.

Six new stories will continue the tale about the Coal School Academy and the students who protect the earth from alien monsters, with help from their teacher Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly). The cast of characters includes Charlie (Greg Austin), Ram (Fady Elsayed), April (Sophie Hopkins), Tanya (Vivian Oparah), and Jordan Renzo (Matteusz).

Not only will the original cast return to voice their characters but, as reported by ‘Doctor Who’ magazine, they’ll find themselves in the company of companion to the Seventh Doctor, Ace (Sophie Aldred) and the Daleks.

The stories will take up two volumes. The first volume will include ‘Gifted’ by Roy Gill, ‘Life Experience’ by Jenny T Colgan, and ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ by Scott Handcock. The second will include ‘Everyone Loves Reagan’ by Tom Foley, ‘Now You Know…’ by Tim Leng, and ‘In Remembrance’ by Guy Adams.

Director and producer Scott Handcock spoke about making the audio collection, saying:

“We’ve had a great deal of fun reuniting the original cast for the audio series, telling brand-new stories set within the TV run whilst tackling a host of alien menaces. I couldn’t resist linking up the ‘Doctor Who’ universe – bringing Ace and the Daleks into the world of ‘Class’ has been an absolute treat. And for full authenticity, we’re lucky to have series composer Blair Mowat return to the world of ‘Class’ as well.”

‘Class: The Audio Adventures’ will be available for download on in August.

In case you missed the bell (get it?), here is an official synopsis for ‘Class:’

Four students at Coal Hill School in London navigate through teenage life,
from schoolwork to dealing with their parents, friendships and romances.
Coal Hill School holds many secrets, as years of time-traveling has transformed
the building, thinning its walls and making it more susceptible to external
dangers. The Shadow Kin, a creature that lurks beyond the facility’s walls,
threatens to destroy the students’ world.