Ben Affleck

In the worst case of he-said-she-said ever, a new rumor has Ben Affleck wanting to continue playing Batman in the DC Extended Universe. So far, we’ve only ever had rumors that he has even wanted to leave the role of The Caped Crusader behind him so if those never proved to be true, this could just be that really nothing has changed. The last rumor even had ‘Flashpoint‘ being the last instance where Affleck would wear the cape and cowl though with ‘The Flash’ now going in a new direction it sounds like Affleck’s interest might have been reignited if he had lost interest in continuing as The Dark Knight.

The new rumor comes someone who has been proven time and time again as a reliable source which shared the news to Twitter as you can see below:


With both the studio and the actor never really taking the time to address this whirlwind of rumors as to the future of someone portraying Bruce Wayne in the DCEU, it would be funny that a new rumor has popped up concerning the casting if it wasn’t so sad. The DCEU has had enough issues trying to appease fans and audiences that this continued drama as to who is playing Batman going forward is just annoying at this point.

Would you be happy to see that Ben Affleck continues playing Batman in the DCEU? If he were to end up quitting who would you like to see take over as The Caped Crusader? With ‘Flashpoint’ no longer being a viable exit point or a way to soft reboot the DCEU, how do you think they should go about explaining the recasting if it is even addressed? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Batman News