Even though the surprise has been spoiled several times thanks to onlookers’ on-set photographs and videos, Zachary Levi has posted the first official reveal of himself in costume from the upcoming DC Universe movie ‘Shazam!’ on Instagram.  Levi was attending the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, where various manufacturers are invited to license upcoming properties to use to sell their products.  (Like, how Dr. Pepper put the Justice League on their cans around the time the movie came out.)



As you can see, the official image shows much more texture than what is visible in the previously leaked photos.  The gold lightning emblem is much shinier and more metallic.  You can even make out the gold detailing lining the white cape, which is much more intricate than the plain yellow piping from the comic books.  The image of Shazam sipping a cold drink through a straw highlights the fact that this is a tween boy in a man’s body.  This also presents a much more comedic tone than previous DC films.  As we all know, ‘Batman V Superman’ was overly dark and serious in tone, both in the film itself and on licensed tie-ins.  With ‘Wonder Woman’ the vibe was much less heavy, but was still somewhat serious but in a more regal way.  With ‘Shazam!’, it seems the key word is “fun.”

Directed by David F. Sandberg, ‘Shazam!’ stars Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Cooper Andrews, Jovan Armand, Adam Brody, Ross Butler, Ian Chen, DJ Cotrona, Grace Fulton, Meagan Good, Jack Dylan Grazer, Faithe Herman, Ron Cephas Jones and Marta Milans.  The film opens on April 5, 2019.