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WARNING! Major SPOILER for ‘Punisher’ Season 2 ahead! Turn back now if you do not want to know!!



So for the rest of us, this is a major spoiler, however, it is not that surprising of a spoiler. The deal is that there is a new on-set video on the internet that shows Frank Castle on the street fighting with Ben Barnes’ character, who looks to be in full Jigsaw mode now (minus a lot of the scars, which most likely will be done in CGI later). I say this is not that surprising of a spoiler as the 1st season did end with Frank ruining Billy Russo’s face on that mirror and being stuck in a coma at the end with his face wrapped in bandages, clearly indicating his transformation into Jigsaw had begun. To know that the character/actor is back for Season 2 is exciting, but I kind of expected it to happen, and for me, the only reason for it to NOT happen would have been some kind of contract dispute or scheduling issue with Ben Barnes, who is a bit of a hot commodity right now as he is showing up in more and more projects (including my current favorite series, ‘Westworld‘).

So here is the set video from Instagram that started all the excitement:


True, he still looks like Billy Russo and there is not much in the way of scarring, but fans have pointed out that either A.) Most of the scars are going to be CGI to get them really gross and horrible looking, or B.) We are only really seeing one side of the man’s face and the other side is where the majority of the scars could be. The other option, of course, is that this is a relatively low-rez video and Ben Barnes is pretty far away, the scars could be there but they could be hard to see out of focus.

Most likely we won’t really see what exactly the MCU/Netflix version of Jigsaw really looks like until Marvel is ready to unveil the character, but it is fun to speculate as always. Feel free to share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!