Happy Halloween!  This year in honor of one of the most fun-filled holidays of the year, I thought I’d take a quick tally of heroes and villains that are related to autumn’s signature melon!  (No Power Girl isn’t on the list.)  Pumpkin flavoring isn’t limited to Starbucks’ menu.  Here are the comic book denizens that are especially affiliated with the great pumpkin!

5. Cinderella (Fables) –

Well, y’know there was that whole carriage ride.  Cinderella is probably the most famous character on this list, but her pumpkin connection is probably the most tenuous.  Even so, the Cinderella from ‘Fables’ is one amazing bad ass– a spy extraordinaire that travels the globe, carrying out some of Fabletown’s most lethal missions.  But before that, she rode in a pumpkin and missed her curfew.  So, y’know there’s that.

4. Scarecrow –

Batman’s foes tend to go all-in when they pick a schtick.  The Joker revels in novelties, toys and games… seriously, how many abandoned card factories can Gotham City possibly have and WHY haven’t they all been razed by now?  The Scarecrow, a psychologist named Jonathan Crane, created fear based weapons and… went country.  He carries a pitchfork and has often utilized pumpkins in his schemes, for instance filling them with fear gas and setting them to explode.

Also, the Smashing Pumpkins provided a song for one of the live action Batman films… just not the one Scarecrow was in.  Too much of a stretch?

3. Green Goblin –

Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, the Green Goblin’s main weapons are pumpkin bombs!  Those nasty pumpkins explode on contact and cause major trauma.  The Green Goblin’s entire persona is based on folklore and superstition.  He’s a “goblin” after all and originally swooped around on a mechanical witch’s broom, before swapping that out for his famous bat glider.  But if we know anything about this guy, it’s that he slings a mean pumpkin grenade!

2. The Jack O’ Lantern –

Despite being a Green Goblin knock-off, the Jack O’Lantern out-pumpkins Norman Osborn by zipping around on his hover disc looking like the Headless Horseman in chain mail.  There have been a couple of these guys.  The first one went on to become an even bigger Green Goblin knock-off, the Hobgoblin.  The second was killed by The Punisher.  It’s a cool visual, though, so expect another Jack O’Lantern to pop up at some point.  (DC has a Jack O’Lantern, too, but he’s actually even less famous than this guy.)

1. Lord Pumpkin –

Lord Pumpkin was a magically created being meant as a plaything for a spoiled (and demented) young prince. Instead of playing nice, he revolted and killed the prince and set his sights on conquest and accumulating power. He eventually targets the Ultraverse, matching his magical prowess against the heroes of that world, including Nightman and Hardcase.  He even crossed over to television, acting as the main villain on the ‘Ultraforce’ cartoon during the 90s.

Okay, so maybe the Great Pumpkin deserved a mention… except he proved not to exist.  But otherwise, did I miss anyone?  Comment below!