Lord Of The Rings Aragorn

Amazon is hoping for a ‘Game of Thrones’-size hit with their planned ‘Lord of the Rings’ series and are investing a lot of money to that end.  Now we may have an idea of what the show will actually be about.  The latest buzz is that the first season will focus on a young Aragorn, before the events of ‘Lord of the Rings’, both the books and the movies.

The OneRing.net Twitter account released this announcement and that Tolkien fan site has a pretty good track record for uncovering factual insider info.



Viggo Mortenson famously played Aragorn in the Peter Jackson-helmed movies.  The character is the heir of Isildur and the thrones of Arnor and Gondor.  Aragorn was 87 years old in the films, so “younger” is a relative term and there is a lot of room to work with.  Aragorn was not aware of his royal lineage when he was younger and only learned the truth as he got older.

As was mentioned in the OneRing’s tweet, Amazon is investing billions in this show and has already committed to five seasons.  In addition to the three ‘Lord of the Rings’ books, the series is said to borrow from various other publications including appendices. Amazon also hopes to get Jackson involved in the show on some level.  (For his  part, Jackson plans to either attach himself to this show or direct an undisclosed DC Universe movie.)

The phrasing of the announcement seems to hint that this program will wind up being an anthology of sorts, with the first season devoted to Aragorn, but with the possibility that future installments could highlight other characters from Tolkien lore.

It’s unclear when this show will go into production or when it will become available to stream.

Does the idea of an Aragorn-focused series appeal to you?

Source: /Film