It’s not news that ‘Venom’ and the ‘Sinister Six’ are planning on getting their own spin-off movies. Now we know a little bit more on who is involved with each film as well as find out what Marc Webb (‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, ‘The Office’) has in mind for an overall plan.

For the ‘Venom’ solo film, we know that Alex Kurtzman (‘Transformers’, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘) will be directing the film and will also co-write it with Jeff Pinkner (‘Fringe‘, ‘Alias’), Bob Orci (‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, ‘Sleepy Hollow‘) and Ed Solomon (‘Men in Black’, ‘Now You See Me’). When it comes to the ‘Sinister Six, Drew Goddard will be both writing and directing. however, all of these writers are part of a brain trust created by Marc Webb to give all of the films the same tone so that they fit together:

On top of all this, we’ve found that they are hinting at a heroic side for Venom. Could that mean they are going to take Eddie Brock’s side adventures on the west coast or are they going to be skipping Brock completely and go straight to fresh from the military Flash Thompson taking over the symbiote? It’s a good question.

When it comes to The Sinister Six, though, if we are going to be get strong character pieces, what direction will be taken with their own film? Are we going to see them being evil for an entire film? Are we going to see a Marvel ‘Thunderbolts’ concept where the villains have turned a new leaf and are now being good. There are a lot of questions on how they are going to spin a full villain lineup. Will the initial concept be that they are trying to build something like the Thunderbolts and end up being evil by the end?

What do you think will be the direction of these characters in their own films? Do you think Spidey will be showing up in these other films? Share your thoughts below!

Source: IGN