doom patrol

‘Doom Patrol’ is officially a go as the next live-action DC Universe series and the first spin-off show scheduled for this digital network. This will end up being yet another Greg Berlanti scripted series to go into production, and with fans eating up his work, it doesn’t come as a surprise. The first season has been given a 13-episode run by Warner Bros. Digital Networks’s DC Universe and will be penned by Jeremy Carver (‘Supernatural’). These two, along with DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns, will executive produce ‘Doom Patrol.’

Berlanti has now had four series orders in the past two weeks as ‘Doom Patrol’ joins ‘God Friended Me’ and ‘Red Line’ on CBS with ‘All American’ on The CW.

The characters of ‘Doom Patrol’ are set to be introduced in ‘Titans‘ and the show is a reimaging of their comic counterparts which will include Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, Crazy Jane, and Dr. Niles Caulder. Each of these heroes has been given superhuman powers from accidents, but they’re also “scarred and disfigured.”

‘Doom Patrol’ is partially a support group for one another and partially a superhero team all brought together for a singular purpose by Caulder. This series has the heroes being brought together by Cyborg who has a mission that only they can pull off that they can’t ignore. Outside of the inclusion of Cyborg, it isn’t clear if there will be other tie-ins to ‘Titans’ or any of the other live-action shows which the DC Universe is putting together, but I’m expecting we’ll see a few Easter Eggs pop up throughout all of these series.

Are you excited that ‘Doom Patrol’ is set to have its own ongoing live-action series? Do you feel that DC Universe is going to pull in enough subscribers to support all of these new projects which the studio is putting together? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter