Denis Villeneuve Dune

Denis Villeneuve (‘Arrival’) has just shared that ‘Dune’ is moving forward quite well and the first draft of the script has been finished! Villeneuve has been working with Oscar-winning writer Eric Roth (‘Forrest Gump’,’The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’) on the script and things have been coming along nicely. This new update could mean we could be hearing other fun updates soon! I’m usually the first to be down on reboots, but this one is entirely another story. We’ve received one iconic take on this classic novel as well as a mini-series, but neither has been able to do Frank Herbert’s work justice. Villeneuve can pull off the layers of intricate details without losing an audience that could make this work!

Not only that, but the idea behind the film is to make it in multiple installments and a series format is something that a story which this deep and in-depth needs to be properly told.

Here is what the director had to say in his status update for the project:

“Eric Roth wrote the first draft, and I worked on my side afterward. I have not had such fun on the creative side since Incendies! My wish would have been to make both films at the same time, but it will be too expensive. We will do them one at a time.”

I do wish that the studio would greenlight them being filmed back to back but also understand that this will require an enormous budget to correctly pull off and am glad that they’re at least willing to make the gamble on it.

Are you excited to hear that the first draft of ‘Dune’ has been completed? Is a two movie plan the right way to go to adapt Frank Herbert’s iconic novel? Do you agree that this is a story which still could be adequately told or one of the previous iterations enough for you? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend