With Netflix’s upcoming take on ‘The Witcher‘ moving forward, it looks as if Lauren S. Hissrich has just brought in the big guns to help finish fleshing out the script. Primarily, Jenny Klein (‘Jessica Jones’,’Cloak & Dagger’), Sneha Koorse (‘Constantine’,’Daredevil’), Declan de Barra (‘Funky Fables’,’The Originals’), and Clare Higgins (‘The Worst Witch’) have signed on to help other screenwriters to flesh out the rest of the series past the pilot.

This take on Andrzej Sapkowski’s work is set to drop in 2020 at the earliest and with an initial season of only 8-episodes, it looks as if the streaming network is bringing in writers from some of their past successes to make sure this one falls into the same category.

Hissrich, as per usual, made this announcement via Twitter!


She reveals that in the picture is seven writers and three support staffers. However, the full set of writers has yet to be identified.

There still isn’t much known about the series, though Netflix has previously hinted that they’re looking to adapt the first two works, ‘Sword of Destiny’ and ‘The Last Wish.’ It isn’t clear if these will both be converted into the first season or if they have plans for at least two in mind.

Are you looking forward to checking out how Netflix tackles ‘The Witcher’? Do you recognize any of the other writers in this room? Share your thoughts below!