Arrow: Docket No. 11-19-41-73 (Season 6 Episode 21)

So this week’s ‘Arrow’ was full of surprises, first and foremost being it was a lot quieter than I expected for the 3rd to the last episode of the season. Yet there was still plenty going on and I did not find myself bored, which is a good sign. I’m just curious to see how they follow through with the season arc now that they got Oliver’s trial over with so early. But I’m jumping ahead.


The episode is basically all about the trial of Oliver Queen, which is the catalyst which seems to force everyone formerly of Team Arrow (aka the Quiver Crew) to get over their anger at their former leader and decide to help him out of this situation, as Oliver being convicted will put the man in prison for life, separating him from his son. It is a point that hits Rene hard, as Rene originally ratted on Oliver to the Feds to protect his own daughter and make sure he did not lose her at the beginning of the season, and he realizes that he is going to cost another man a relationship with his child if he does not help Oliver. Sadly for the cause, Diaz has a bad-ass DA brought in that rarely loses cases, which seems a bit like overkill since Diaz already has the judge in his pocket. Dinah stays loyal on the stand, but when questioned about the murder of a drug lord in Central City, she pleads the 5th as to not incriminate herself, making her whole testimony suspect, hurting Oliver’s case even more. Felicity cannot help Oliver as her whole marriage to him is questioned as being a “convenient” act to ensure she is not force to testify against him, though she assures the courtroom that she has been in love with Oliver for 6 years (a fact that we all know to be true).  And just to make sure Oliver is screwed, during Rene’s testimony Diaz holds his daughter hostage in the back of the room, forcing Rene to admit that Oliver is the Green Arrow to the jury, which sounds especially bad.

Speaking to the press, Mayor Quentin denies that Oliver is the Green Arrow, and then they turn to Laurel, saying she would know as the Black Canary would know the truth of the matter. She says she will only speak if subpoenaed. Diaz summons her to his lair and berates her for not outing Oliver on television and reveals that he knows Laurel has been off ever since he burned his old childhood bully alive but demands that she get it together for the trial. She will be a last-minute witness, and he wants her to say Oliver is the Green Arrow. She later tells Quentin about this claiming she has no choice. Quentin tells her she won’t be able to get out from under Diaz’s thumb until she actually stands up to him, comparing her to his Laurel who he claims would NEVER work for a guy like Diaz.

Oliver admits to his lawyer that he really is the vigilante (an odd move) but also tells her that he won’t make a plea as he wants to one day leave behind the Green Arrow and live a normal life – something we had never heard him say before. Later, the trial is interrupted by the “Green Arrow,” who is actually the Human Target who Diggle had rescued earlier in the episode and asked for help. The Green Arrow takes the stand and pulls back the hood, revealing his identity as Tommy Merlin, claiming he has come to stop Oliver from taking the rap for him the way Roy Harper did a few years ago.


He is arrested and sent to prison, but, of course, Diggle and Rene help him escape and the testamony is put into question later as Diaz is aware of who the Human Target is (thanks to that bug in Arrow HQ earlier in the season) and lets the DA know all about his work. However, Oliver’s lawyer thinks it might be enough to cast reasonable doubt on the trial and get them an acquittal from the jury. Unfortunately, that is when Laurel is called to the stand, and asked point blank if Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. Surprisingly, she looks straight at the DA and says Oliver is NOT the vigilante, which royally pisses off Diaz. Quentin tells Laurel afterwards she needs to get out of town. Unfortunately for Oliver, the jury still finds him guilty but the judge spares him and Oliver is set free, which surprises both him and his lawyer. At least until the judge shows up at HQ and reveals he was also the Human Target, who was more than happy to help, but asks that they not call him again for a little while (a request I agree with as the man makes things way too convenient for Team Arrow every time they get into this “is Oliver the Green Arrow?” business)

Diaz meanwhile kills the judge who swears it was not him who gave that verdict, and is then attacked by Laurel, who says she knows running from Diaz would be pointless. She kills all of his men after knocking Diaz down first with a sonic scream, but when she moves in to finish the job, he activates a new device which negates her voice, and he takes her down. He reveals that he is moving onto plan B now that Oliver will not be going to jail, which includes killing Oliver and everyone he knows and loves.


  • I really enjoy that Curtis is hurt that he was not important enough to call as a witness during the trial.
  • With the news that Quentin will not be back for Season 7, I’m guessing he is going to die in the Season finale and that will be the final nail in the coffin of evil Laurel. She will be a member of Team Arrow in Season 7.
  • So with everyone working together and playing nice to save Oliver, does that mean all is forgiven? Especially after Oliver visited Rene to thank him for his help and Rene sincerely apologized for being the leak? I can’t see things wrapping up that neatly with 2 episodes left, but it is nice seeing everyone back on speaking terms at least.

Like I said, a very different episode. Not as much action but I kind of really enjoyed it. And the Human Target taking on Tommy Merlyn’s face and spinning the whole tale of Tommy being the Green Arrow was fascinating. I enjoy any opportunity to see Tommy back in the show, even a fake Tommy. Also, at this point, I am really looking forward to see Diaz get his comeuppance. I am not sure I want to see him get beaten more by Oliver or Laurel, though a tag-team would also be acceptable. Either way, looking forward to the final 2 episodes of the season!