The second episode of the new season of Thundercats kicks off inside the Thundertank as the Cats continue their search for the mystic stones hidden on Third-Earth. As always the Book of Omens sets them on a path with little to no direction as to where they need to go next.

The book of Omens points up, so the Cats go up. In doing so, they walk right into a trap set by Slithe, Kaynar and Addicus. On their way to the trap Lion-O continues to experience the decension in the ranks from Tygra and Cheetara (who’s new “alliance” is more than a little annoying). That being said, Panthro and the Thunder Kittens also express similar misgivings, so it it is a team sport… Doubting Lion-O.

When Mumm-Ra’s forces finally attack, the Cats are quickly taken by surprise and captured. Lion-O is able to free himself and the Gauntlet before Kaynar pushes him from the cliff to his “death”. At this point all of the fun starts for Lion-O as the Spirit Stone and Jaga inform him, that while his first life was given; in order to return to the land of the living and save his friends his second life will need to be earned.

Lion-O’s first trial is to trust his instincts and not blindly follow the Book of Omens. The Spirit Stone takes form of the Thunder Kittens and he has to get the key away from them. Only this will not be simple because there are many sets of the Kittens, but only one real key. By taking in the surrounding and using more than just his eyes he is able to track down the key, and learn the lesson of the first Trial… you can’t just work on blind faith, trust your instincts.

The last trial for Part 1 is a race through a maze of briars against Cheetara, who earlier in the episode accused him of always doing things the hard way. In this challenge Lion-O needs to look at the world from another perspective. He also finally understands that his journey does not have to be taken alone, and there are other paths to take to your goal.

While Lion-O is making his way through the trials, the Cats are working on a plan to escape from Slithe, Kaynar and Addicus. Tygra is now being looked to as the new Lord of the Thundercats since the Cats think Lion-O is dead, well most of the Cats you will notice WilyKit leaving a breadcrumb trail of drawing for Lion-O to be able to track them. While they were able to escape with their lives they were not able to escape with the Sword of Omens.

The Trials of Lion-O Part 1 ends with a lot of questions about what is in store for the Lord of the Thundercats. How will the rest of the team accept him when/if he returns? Should he return to a group that is constantly second guessing every decision? And what will happen once Mumm-Ra gets the Sword of Omens? You’ll have to tune in next week to Part 2 to find these answers and more.

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