Masters Of The Universe

RUMOR MILL: The information presented here is strictly rumor at this point, so take this with a grain of salt.

Sony’s ‘Masters of the Universe’ film may actually be inching toward fruition.  After spending decades in development hell, the studio has lined up co-directors Aaron and Adam Nee, with a script by David S. Goyer, who was himself lined up to direct before moving on.

‘Masters of the Universe’ was one of the most popular and iconic toy lines of the 1980s and spawned a top-rated animated series, an animated theatrical movie and, in 1987, a live action film.  Unfortunately, the live action film deviated quite a bit from the cartoon and toy line, with most of the action being set on Earth and only a few classic toy characters who were joined by new creations, including ordinary human sidekicks.  (Courtney Cox played one of these sidekicks, Julie.)

Though this information isn’t confirmed, it sounds like the new movie will borrow more heavily from the cartoons, the mini-comic books that came with the toys, and more modern comic book adaptations which deepened the original mythology.  Rumor has it, the revelation that protagonist He-Man’s archenemy Skeletor is actually his uncle will play a part in the film.

Who else will be in the movie?

It just wouldn’t be ‘Masters of the Universe’ without Man-At-Arms, would it?  On the original Filmation cartoon, Man-At-Arms (real name Duncan) will serve as exposition, considering his vast knowledge of the history of their planet Eternia.  Man-At-Arms is the chief weaponsmith for the royal family and their allies.  He is also the adopted father of Teela… or is he the real father?  Hmmm…

Jon Cypher played Duncan in the 1987 film.  Alan Oppenheimer voiced him on the cartoon.

Speaking of Teela, once again, she is one of the most important characters in the series, so her presence is a must.  Teela is the captain of the royal guard and sort of the love interest of He-Man/Prince Adam.  Her birth mother is the Sorceress of Castle Greyskull.  There is no mention of the Sorceress appearing in the movie, but she is another must.

Chelsea Field played Teela in the 1987 movie, while Linda Gary voiced her on the cartoon.  Gary also voiced The Sorceress, Evil-Lyn and Queen Marlena.

Orko was a character created exclusively for the Filmation cartoon, to serve as comic relief.  The child-like wizard was from another dimension called Trolla, whose spells often backfired.  Because of his important role in the cartoon, he was adapted to the Mattel toy line.  In the original live action movie, however, he was replaced by another short magician, Gwildor, played by Billy Barty.  Filmation’s founder, Lou Scheimer provided Orko’s voice on the cartoon.

Zodak is one of the more mysterious characters from the ‘Masters’ brand.  He was typically depicted as a heroic figure, but his toy was sold as part of Skeletor’s evil forces.  Also due to the dark skin on the action figure, he is sometimes considered to be black… and other times white.  The version in the movie is described as “the King’s Minister of Technology and his right hand man.”  He is also described as an “Obi-Wan”-like mentor to Prince Adam in the film.  He did not appear in the 1987 movie.  Lou Scheimer also voiced him on the cartoon.

One of the most popular supporting characters, Stratos is said to appear in the film and is nicknamed the Angel of Death and is described as “the leader of the Sky Guards of the Iron Gate Prison on Avion,” where Skeletor and his cronies are imprisoned at one point in the movie.  Lou Scheimer also provided Stratos’ voice in the cartoon.

Beast Man is possibly Skeletor’s most famous minion.  He was also the first action figure designed for the Mattel toy line!  In the cartoon, he has animal-like strength and agility and the ability to telepathically command beasts.  In the film, it is said that he will be a shapeshifter able to turn into any type of creature.  A version of Beast Man appeared in the original film and was played by Tony Carroll.  John Erwin voiced him in the cartoon.

Masters Of The Universe

Evil-Lyn is Skeletor’s femme fatale right hand woman, but that doesn’t mean that she will be loyal to him.  Reportedly, after helping him reassemble the Havoc Staff, she will try to seize that power for herself.  The original Mattel Evil-Lyn figure had yellow skin and a blue costume.  But on the cartoon, she was given pale zombie-like skin and a purple and black costume.  Subsequent toys and other merchandise have alternated between the two color schemes.  Meg Foster portrayed her in the original movie.

Masters Of The Universe

One of the more popular villains from the series, Trap Jaw is a cyborg whose namesake jaw can chomp through metal.  His arm can change into a number of weapons, from a ray gun to a grappling hook.  He can also slide down a cable with the hoop on top of his helmet.

For old school fans, the inclusion of these characters should be a dream come true.  The original film not only replaced Orko with Gwildor, but most of Skeletor’s minions with new characters, which Mattel might have been hoping would translate to popular new toys.

‘Masters of the Universe’ is said to have a budget of over $100 million, and if it’s true that the script is based heavily on the toys and cartoons’ mythology, this may finally be the version of the film that fans have wanted since the ’80s.

Source: That Hashtag Show