Star Wars: Episode IX

Much like ‘Deadpool 2‘ we still don’t have an official title for ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ but we have seen one new character description emerge! We know that a previous description has hinted at a character named Mara which many are hoping will end up as Mara Jade from the old Expanded Universe line and now we have another character addition to look forward to! This one will be for a leading female role and doesn’t sound to be based off an existing character that I recognize.

Which is great!

Outside of Grand Admiral Thrawn in the novels and ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ these newly created characters have mostly been hits among “Star Wars” fans.

Casting director Nina Gold has shared that she is currently looking for an “ethnic female” that is ideally African-American and 18-26 years old. The actress which they are looking for will “portray a character by the name of Caro” who Gold has described as having a “captivating naturalness and ease to her manner.” The character is also a “leader and problem solver, smart with a great sense of humor and a strong will. All this comes to her effortlessly.”

With those qualities, you almost have to believe that this will be someone joining the Resistance and not the First Order. This new actress will likely end up as a leader with some hoping to even see her as a potential Jedi.

While I suspect that we’ll be seeing an increase in the number of Jedi emerging as the franchise moves forward, I wouldn’t count on too many new ones popping up as the current trilogy comes to a close.

Does Caro sound like she could be based on any previous “Star Wars” characters from the Expanded Universe or will this be a completely new person being introduced into “Star Wars” lore? Do you have any actresses that you think would be perfect for being a “leader and problem solver, smart with a great sense of humor and a strong will?” Share your thoughts below!

Source: That Hashtag Show